HTTP vs. HTTPS: What You Need to Know to Stay in Google’s Good Graces

A days gone by, people were widely using HTTP and they had no objections with it. But later on when google announced HTTPS, SEO Boca Raton started moving towards it. It became very famous and companies now prefer this. Some people are still confused and they don’t know what the major difference is between these two. Let’s discuss in brief to get a clear understanding of both.


It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and is a system for receiving and transmitting specific information across the internet. The characteristics of HTTP are discussed below:

  • It is basically an application layer protocol that emphasizes on information. It shows how information is presented to the end users but it never shows how data moves point A to point B.
  • Moreover HTTP is stateless. Stateless means that it never remember previous web session.
  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is widely used to access html pages.


It stands for Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and it’s similar to the traditional HTTP because it follows same basic protocols. The difference is that HTTPS provides more security compare to HTTP. Before the introduction of HTTPS, the data was not secured while moving through server. But now all the information remains confidential due to HTTPS. Its basic characteristics are discussed in the following lines.

  • Both HTTP and HTTPS are separate communications because HTTPS uses TCP Port 443 by default while the HTTP doesn’t use it.
  • Another edge to HTTPS is that it uses SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It helps to transport data with high security.
  • People often use SSL and HTTPS interchangeably but remember that both are different. HTTPS is secured only because SSL provides it security.

Now Google is also using https because it’s more secure (though there are so also so many other reasons as well). From the above points its clear that HTTPS is extraordinary more secure and safe.

SEO Boca Raton advantages of switching to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol:

A part from security, staying in Google’s good graces, there are some additional SEO benefits that HTTPS has that you must consider:

  • Referrer Data:

HTTPS has another advantage that the secure referral information is preserved when traffic passes.

  • Increase Ranking:

HTTPS can help you to increase ranking of your website which is otherwise bit difficult with HTTP.

  • Ultimate Security:

HTTPS provide ultimate privacy and security in several ways such as it verifies website, prevents tampering by 3rd parties, and encrypts all communication (including URL).

So, which one is better?

If we say that the future is with HTTPS, it would not be wrong at all. Moreover, it’s important to switch to HTTPS so that you may stay in good graces with google. From all aspects it better to use HTTPS. So ask your SEO expert Boca Raton to provide you HTTPS services so that your website and information remain secure while moving through web servers.

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